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Solitaire Simple


If you love all varieties of card games, you are a fan of the chance pastimes and you want to progress in your level do not hesitate, this is the game for you! Here you can spend hours playing non-stop, cause we offer you the opportunity to discuss at no cost and without having to leave home, do you dare?You must prove your degree of patience, because in this application you'll require much attention and skill to successfully solve the board. To start the play you'll have to go in search of an ace and do everything possible to find one if you do not find it either moving stairs and forth if necessary. Cards should always alternate red and black colors together and downwards, otherwise it will be impossible to put a chip on top of another. Beware to not stay locked in the middle of the game without being able to move, you have the option to draw a card but even so if you stay stagnant you'll lose and you'll have to start over again.
You will enjoy the most innovative virtual designs of the screens, superb quality graphics and a really simple interface to use, just drag your finger across the panel and guide your character in the decisions that you think appropriate, Luck!